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Welcome to the Clearwater Cove Homeowners' New Website!
  Clearwater Cove is a friendly, welcoming community of 123 homes bordering the west side of Lake Clearwater near 82nd Street and Dean Road on the northeast side of Indianapolis.  Our homeowners enjoy the beautiful, private lake for its boating, fishing and swimming.  A wonderful lake-side walking path connects to other neighboring communities affording a three-mile walk or jog around the lake and nearby Nantucket Lake.

   Part of Clearwater Cove is a natural isthsmus between the lake and White River to the immediate west. Our rich natural environs are complemented by well-maintained homes and landscape.  While the neighborhood itself is quiet and peaceful, numerous fine restaurants and the Keystone Fashion Mall are five minutes away.
~ News ~
News from the Clearwater Cove Board Meeting
Posted on Mar 31st, 2020
News from the Clearwater Cove Board Meeting- March 24, 2020
The Clearwater Cove Board held the March meeting on a conference call. 
Treasurer’s – Art Wachholz
Reviewed the 2020 budget.  The major expenditures for 2020 will include wood replacement using Hardie siding as much as possible and painting for all the homes not painted in 2018 and 2019 as well as replacing the remaining 10 docks. 
We will prioritize the other projects at the April board meeting.
Lake- Toby Stone
Lake Board to meet 3/26/2020.
Grading of beach planned for April.  5” to 6” of sand from south end (depth 19”) will be moved to north end (depth 7”).
New fence has been installed at north end of Clearwater Cove from Berkshire to jewelry store.
Arion Consulting has been retained for water quality monitoring for 2020.
Aquatic Control has been retained for aquatic plant maintenance and 2nd fish survey in August.
Erosion control at headwall of outflow pipe planned- this is the pipe the runs from our lake to the river.
Buildings and Architecture – Randy Sorrell
The Architectural Committee is working on a document for the website that will include lists and pictures of preapproved materials for a variety of exterior improvement projects such as decking, spindles, pergolas, and privacy panels.  While all projects will still need the approval from the board, the document will be a helpful resource for homeowners as they plan projects.
Randy is going to seek advice from experts to help us determine the advisability of painting the brick on homes. 
Infrastructure – Steve Magnusen
·         A small committee of board members volunteered to survey homeowners to get their input for the entrance project.  This survey will be sent to homeowners as soon as it is finalized.
·         We approved the bid for 3 gutter cleanings this year as well as flushing some of the drains and drain cap maintenance.  The first cleaning will be scheduled for late spring.
To repeat from the blast email: to avoid the aggravation of a blocked sewer, please DO NOT flush ANY disinfectant wipes or paper towels, even if they say “flushable.” Your sewer line might plug up, and nobody wants to deal with that.
Communications – Steve Rauh
In a recent update email, I referenced a ruckus in our neighborhood last month at 4:30 in the morning, which resulted in 9-1-1 calls, police cars, and teens scattering to escape.  The weather is getting warmer, and teenagers are out of school. Be reminded that locking our doors and turning on our outdoor lights is our best first defense.  We must communicate well and remain vigilant.  
Thanks to Chris Noll for contacting the Indianapolis Police Department on behalf of our neighborhood.  Chris is requesting a security assessment for us.  I will share the results once I have them.
Landscape – Autumn Oldfield
We plan to have the overgrown boxwoods and mismatched hydrangeas just north of the large evergreens removed this spring.  We will leave the large group of smaller hydrangeas that are planted directly in front of the evergreens.
Social Committee- Paula Pritchard
We will be adding numbers to the docks on the path side to help homeowners locate social events held on docks.
Social events are delayed or cancelled until social distancing is no longer required.
Notices will be put in mailboxes regarding paint selection meetings.  The meetings will be held outside in front of homes, so we can keep the recommended 6 feet apart.
News from the Neighborhood
Long time resident, Denver Cain, passed away earlier this month.  Until the past few years, he walked the neighborhood with his dog at least twice a day, so he  knew many homeowners.  We are going to miss Denver and extend our sympathy to his family.

~ Upcoming Events ~
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