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History of Clearwater Cove

“There will be condominiums, a commercial center with boardwalks and a lifestyle made possible by the proximity of a lake – sailing, fishing and watching paths of rippling moonbeams by night and a red sun burning through early morning mists,” noted the Indianapolis Star in announcing plans for what the reporter declared would be a “posh lakeside community.”

But in November of 1981, when this newspaper article appeared, the development site – 200-plus acres, including a 135-acre lake – was actually a gravel pit located on the north side of Indianapolis. It was bounded by 82nd and 79th streets on the north and south, and Dean Road and White River on the east and west, respectively.

Originally, the area had been 280 acres of farmland.  And, according to its owner who had purchased the acreage for $29,000 in 1937, he was able to get such a good price because the ground was well outside the Indianapolis city limits.

Beginning operations in 1946, the area was turned into a gravel pit.  It provided the gravel for what was then called Road 100 or what is now known as 82nd Street.
Because the soil in the northwest section of Lake Clearwater known as “The Cove” is hardpan, drilling there was limited to a depth of about eight feet.
The “ Big Lake” is much deeper.  The gravel in the northern part of the lake was dredged out, which limited the depth to between 25 and 30 feet.  The deepest portion of the lake, though, is the southern part where the gravel was pumped out instead.  This process allowed the gravel to be removed up to a depth of 90 feet or more.
At one time, Lake Clearwater was two bodies of water, but the developers excavated between the two to create one lake.  One of the deepest man-made lakes in Indiana, it also is the largest privately owned lake in Marion County.
Lake Clearwater is tested for purity at least once a year and more often, if necessary.  Water samples are sent to a laboratory in central Indiana for analysis.  It is a clean lake with unusual clarity, its sparkling blue-green color coming from the bottom and banks which are primarily limestone.
Today, Lake Clearwater is particularly attractive to the wildlife that lives along its shorelines.  In addition, this water is home to such game fish as large- and small-mouth bass, hybrid striped bass, rainbow trout, ringed perch and walleyed pike.  Stocked every year, Lake Clearwater is a fisherman’s delight.
Clearwater Cove was developed during the last phase of construction around the lake when 123 condominium units were built along the westside of Lake Clearwater and the east bank of White River.


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